We will deal on your behalf throughout the whole deal and as you can see we will also act as a chaperon to the sponsors at various tournaments. We will also actively market all our players to endeavour to keep their sponsors at a maximum capacity throughout the year.

The Sponsor shall receive:

  1. Badge on players shirt or sleeve. This will be worn by the player on all events (TV & non TV) exhibitions and personal appearances.

NB Shirt patches must not exceed six square inches in area.

Acceptable dimensions are 2.45 x 2.45 inches, 4.55 x 1.33 inches and 3 x 2 inches. No other dimensions will be accepted.

  1. Framed competition shirt complete with sponsors logo.
  2. Signed framed picture of the sponsored player with wording & signature.
  3. Player will attend 2 events which could include meet & greet, personal appearance or exhibition. Other events may be available. Photos may be used for Company publicity or PR purposes.
  4. Access to 3 UK/ European tournaments for two people. Travel and accommodation is at the Sponsors cost and choice of tournament is subject to availability.
  5. At tournaments a member of the Elite Sports Management team will be present for guidance or advice.
  6. Sponsors Company will be advertised on Elite Sports Managements website.
  7. Sponsors company name will be added to all Social Media tweets or face book updates.
  8. Monthly update on players position in order of merit or other rankings.
  9. Monthly update on upcoming tournaments and availability.
  10. Additional functions on behalf of sponsor available at preferential rates.
  11. In entering into this contract it is agreed by the sponsor that they should only sponsor this player and no other players without the written permission of the company.
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