At Elite Sports Management we pride ourselves on providing a professional high standard service, committed to ensuring our stable of players are number one priority. Adjacent to this we realise that the sponsors that support our players are just as vital and we ensure that these people are also provided with the best possible service.

Below we have explained the numerous amounts of roles that ESM are responsible for undertaking allowing our sponsors visibility of what they can expect from our management company.

  • ESM are responsible for arranging the yearly calendar of each of our players ensuring all travel and accommodation is taken care of, all tournaments are registered for on time and the organisation of all exhibitions and the associated meet and greets.
  • Ensure our players receive the highest level of marketing and always actively search for new sponsors and income streams.
  • With existing sponsors, we are committed to keeping constant levels of correspondence, specifically on a monthly basis, updating on players progress, upcoming tournaments, invite to tournaments, and a chaperon at tournaments/exhibitions.
  • Deal with all administration on behalf of players or players company, i.e. invoicing and collecting money.
  • Produce monthly management accounts and meet on a monthly basis for update/general meeting. Doing this could lead to a reduction in your accountancy bill at the year end. We would negotiate this on your behalf. Alternatively, you could use our services for end of year accounts and personal tax.
  • All monies will be paid into players business or personal bank account. If any monies due to the player are paid into the companies’ bank account, this will be electronically transferred within 3 days to the players business or personal bank account.
  • Legal Service – We can introduce you to some of the best legal firms in the UK, specialising in the industry if you require their services.
  • Financial Services – With our extensive knowledge built up over the years in business we have a portfolio of professional financial companies who can advise regarding investment and savings.
  • No sportsman is forever, and we can guide you after you have retired from your sport and future development in your career.
  • Will only exercise any deal on behalf of the player after agreement from the player.

1) The company warrants and agrees that it shall;

  1. Use its best endeavours to advance the players career in the activities.
  2. Render all services customarily rendered by the company in the darts sports industry.
  3. Inform the player of all substantial negotiations being conducted on their behalf.
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